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Welcome to James River Shepherds

Welcome to James River Shepherds! My name is Stephanie Fischer and I am the owner of James River Shepherds. I am a small breeder. This means that I raise a few quality litters of German Shepherd puppies each year which enables me to focus on quality puppies. Our dogs are members of our family and are also handled by myself, my husband, and our children everyday. They are all AKC registered and have excellent bloodlines and temperaments. 

If you have never had a chance to own one of these magnificent dogs, you don't know what your missing. These dogs are highly trainable and always willing to learn.  German Shepherds love attention and want to please their owners whenever possible so if you give them time they can be trained to almost anything. If you have owned a German Shepherd before....well, you already know what I mean....but if your interested in having one of these beautiful dogs i'd be happy to introduce you to your new best friend, family member, loyal protector  or companion. 

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